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Sea Kayak touring in Norway

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Sea kayak touring trip in Norway Tromso

Sea kayak tromso

Sea Kayak in the way of Ersfjord

Hurtigruten in Tromso

Sea Kayak in Norwegian's Fjords

TROMSO NORWAY - Sea Kayak in the Arctic

sea kayak norway

Imagine this moment on the water, in the middle of the Alps ... The sea level is 2500m ...
You paddle on a turquoise water, surrounded by islands in the fjords.
And in the background the snow and glaciers reach peaks of over 1000m ...
This is what awaits the kayaker in Norway...

A trip by sea kayak to 70 ° North...

We offer an 8 day trip, with 6 days roaming by sea kayak, in small groups of 6 to 8 people.

Sea Kayak in Norway Tromso


tromso map

 At 350 km to the north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the biggest city in the north. For a long time it has been starting point for polar expeditions, as well as a hunting ground for seals and whales, Tromso is now the nerve centre of the Norwegian north. A lively town of 60,000 with universities, hospitals, and airport.

And the surroundings? Well only a few kilometres away, you will find an untamed wilderness. There are a few houses scattered along the coast, which reminds us of human presence, but otherwise the feeling of vastness is omnipresent. Tromsø also has a micro-climate, the Gulf Stream passes very close by, and gives this coastal region a maritime gentleness in sharp contrast with the cold land.

During the six days of roaming we will probably not see many people on the water, just a few boats and kayakers from time to time... On land, we can sometimes see reindeer. On water, we can follow the seals, and sometimes whales, and also see many puffins, gulls and terns (the latter being very effective in showing us where the fishing areas are). The rich waters of the region allow us an abundance of fish for meals. Cod, pollock and mackerel are in plentiful supply for barbecues at the foot of mountains and in memorable bivouacs.

Each landscape offers amazing variety, from islands to lush meadows, fjords with their towering cliffs, beaches and the turquoise waters, to waterfalls falling into the sea... At each point in each direction, a new discovery awaits us. Sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile, the rugged coastline offers various navigational options, which we adapt to current weather conditions.

Paddling on North coast of Ringvassoya

8 days trip with 6 days of sea kayaking:

Day 1: Departure from your place, arrival in Tromso, Transfer to Tromso and city tour. Overnight stay in hotel 3*.
Day 2: Transfer to the starting point of the kayaking, boat preparation and departure kayaking, overnight camping.
Day 3: Kayaking in the archipelago around Tromso with an overnight stay in camping with a tent.
Day 4: Kayaking in the archipelago around Tromso with an overnight stay in camping with a tent.

Day 5: Kayaking in the archipelago around Tromso, overnight stay in camping with a tent.
Day 6:
Kayaking in the archipelago around Tromso
, overnight in camping with a tent.
Day 7:
Kayaking in the archipelago around Tromso
and return to Tromso during the day. Overnight stay in a hotel 3*.
Day 8:
According to flight schedules, a visit to Tromso and the "Polar Museum", airport transfer, return flght.

Sea kayak touring on north coast of Ringvassoya

Price per person:

  1550 Euros* + 400 Euros for the flight,

therefore 1950 Euros all inclusive

Upcoming trips:

- from 11th to 18th june 2017 -

- from 16th to 23th july 2017 -

If you make up your own group (2 people or more), these holidays constitute a « private trip” tailor-made with your choice of dates and modifiable timings, please don’t hesitate in contacting us for further information.

*Price available from 6 participants onwards

Sea Kayak in the Arctic.

Campsite on Vagsoya Island

Paddling Sorfugloya

Sea kayak in Norway. Nordic Fjord of Tromso

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Sea kayak touring in the way of Sorfugloya

Sea Kayak in Norvegian's fjords

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