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Sea Kayak in Oman

Khor Sham Oman

    Your flight arrives in Dubai, from where we reach Khasab the capital of Musandam. After 3 hours drive through the desert, we enter the Sultanate of Oman. After a city tour and a good night's rest at the hotel, we embark on the magnificent waters of the Persian Gulf and explore the Sham Fjord.
    During these 5 days of kayaking, you will discover incredible landscapes. A sea kayak trip in a protected place, where the turquoise waters are surrounded by the mountains of the Strait of Hormuz.
    Surely, the beauty of the region will mark your spirits. Small pedestrian excursions will also punctuate our days of navigation and allow us to fully appreciate the magnificent setting of our trip.
    Perhaps, you will have the chance to cross dolphins or whale sharks that frequent the very rich waters of Musandam.

    After 5 days at the end of the world, we return to Khasab to spend a comfortable night at the hotel before returning to Dubai.

    Then, we will visit this incredible city ... You will paddle around the island of Palm Jumeirah (Palm Island) and visit the emblematic places of this futuristic city (Burj Khalifa tower, old Dubai and its souks. ..)
An enormous contrast after the 5 days of sea kayaking in the desert fjords of the Strait of Hormuz.

    The itinerary as well as the navigation conditions are very easy and accessible to the beginners. It is therefore an ideal stay to start the activity but also to perfect oneself in the warm waters of the region

sea kayak Oman

sea Kayak fjord Musandam


    So you will need to meet the guide directly in Paris CDG Airport. He will give you the kayaks bags and you will take the flight with everything that you will need in Musandam: kayaks, paddle, camping gears...

Upcoming Trips:

- from 6th  to 15th april 2018 -

- from 7th to 16th december 2018 -

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kayak au Musandam oman

Kayak Oman Musandam

    There are no correct single-seater kayaks on the spot at the moment. To allow you to fully enjoy your kayak trip, we therefore use our own fleet for this holiday.

    The single-seaters are Seeker from Trak kayak and the double seaters from Nautiraid.

    The paddles are from Werner Paddles with carbon shaft (bend or straight)

    So we leave by plane with the kayaks from France, which limits the weight of your personal belongings to about ten kilos. But do not worry, in Oman it's hot and so it's easy to travel light.

kayak Trak


kayak de mer Musandam Oman

montage kayak

The Sultanate of Oman, not easy to locate on a map for most people. Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman has 1700 km of coastline and a very strong maritime history. Their dhows, have for centuries, furrowed the Indian Ocean and traded as well, from India to Zanzibar. These traditional boats are still very present on the water because they continue to transport the goods and recently tourists ...

    Musandam is an Omani enclave in the Emirati region, located some 45 km from the Iranian coast. It is the northeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and is located 200 km north of Dubai. In the middle is the Strait of Hormuz, through which transit 30% of world oil production. So we are here in a highly strategic and therefore very safe place.

    Cradled by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, the Musandam Peninsula is an unusual place offering unique landscapes in the world. Presenting an extremely steep relief, made of high mountains and fjords, the rare villages are accessible only by the sea. This very marked relief is the fruit of the tectonic activity: the Arabic plate sinks under the Eurasian plate and the valleys of the Musandam Peninsula sink gradually into the sea, giving this coastline very carved, a true paradise for the kayaker. Fjords with turquoise waters surrounded by summits over 1000 meters above sea level, mountains where the words "mineral" and "verticality" take on their full meaning. Despite the harsh climate, the man was able to settle and the Musandam counts several villages huddled at the feet of the cliffs or in the bottom of the bays, what to make nice meetings ...

   Khasab is "the city of Musandam" and here are the main infrastructures of the region: school, airport, hospital, port ... It is an excellent starting point for an expedition in sea kayak and it is the most easily accessible place. Built along a palm grove, surrounded by mountains, the city has its charm and the song of the muezzin immediately sets the mood. Welcome to the Middle East, the adventure can begin!

    The fauna and the flora are not present here on earth, the extreme drought limits the vegetation to a few trees and bushes that serve as custodians to the goats that one crosses almost at each bivouac. Some palm groves located in the course of some Wadi (rivers drained 99.99% of the time) provide the shade conducive to some crops as well as the dates that are part of all meals. Underwater, however, is the explosion of life: the shallow waters of the region are home to exceptional fauna. Marine biodiversity will continue to surprise us as the days go by. A real contrast in this desert of stones and rocks ... Eagle rays that jump water a few meters from the kayaks, dolphins who come to say hello a few meters from the beach, while we drink a coffee in taking advantage of the first light of the sun. Evening to play with the bioluminescent plankton that illuminates the water with each movement. Snorkeling sessions to parrot fish parrots, barracuda, lemon sharks and other clown fish. Not to be bored here, at each break the masks and snorkels are drawn and we start exploring this aquatic world. The mountainous terrain also makes it possible to take the height, in a few minutes of hiking, the peaks offer us a magnificent panorama on our route, in the distance the island of Sibi and its turquoise waters, to the west the Jebel Sham which overhangs Telegraph Island. The colors change as the hours change, changing the landscape. This mineral world is not monotonous, quite the contrary.

kayak Oman

If you make up your own group (2 people or more), these holidays could  constitute a « private trip” tailor-made with your choice of dates and modifiable timings, please don’t hesitate in contacting us for further information..

For more informations and to get the road book, please contact us
Dubai Marina

kayak de mer Oman


10 day trip type
including 6 days of sea kayaking:

Day 1: Departure from France where you will meet your guide in Paris Airport
Day 2: Arrival in Dubai, Transfer to Khasab, City tour. Night in Hotel
Day 3: Departure of the excursion in kayak, taking in hand of the boats and departure in kayak of sea, night in bivouac.
Day 4: Kayak in the Sham Fjord,
 night in bivouac under tent
Day 5: Kayak in Sham Fjord, Telegraph Island, short hike.
night in bivouac under tent
Day 6: Kayak in the Sham Fjord, hiking on the ridges which will offer us an exceptional panorama on our course. night in bivouac under tent
Day 7: Kayak in the Sham Fjord, Return to Khasab. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 8: Transfer to Dubai in the morning. Kayaking on Palm Jumeirah in the afternoon. Visit Dubai nightlife (Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai Fountain). Overnight in a 4 * hotel in Dubai Marina.
Day 9: Visit Dubai, the souks district, crossing Dubai Creek by boat, Return flight to France at the end of the day
Day 10: Arrival in France


Price per person without airflight:
1500 euros All inclusive

Upcoming Trips:

- from 6th  to 15th april 2018 -

- from 7th to 16th december 2018 -

Prices of flights to Dubai are around 400 euros
Of course we give you the references of flights to book

This rate includes:

- Specific equipment: sea kayak, paddle, PFD, safety equipment, tent, stove ...
-Support by a sea kayak instructor Full Certificated
-  Transfer by minibus from Dubai to Khasab
- All meals during sea kayaking
- The nights of D2 and D7 in Hotel (3 *) in Khasab as well as the breakfast
- The night of D8 in Dubai Marina
in Hotel (4 *).
-Transfer Hotel Airport

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kayak dubai Palm Jumeirah

Sea kayaking Oman Musandam


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