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Sea kayak in Langkawi Archipelago - Malaysia

For this sea kayak trip, we propose an Asian jewel. An adventure trip accessible to all levels from beginner to expert.
Experience jungle landscapes on virgin islands throughout this incredible archipelago


The island of Langkawi is located in the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Malaysia. The archipelago is made up of a hundred islands, of which only four are inhabited. We offer navigation to hidden places in this gem which is Kedah.

Pulau Langkawi is an exceptional geological site classified UNESCO as a "Geopark" and is one of the oldest submerged lands of South East Asia.

Certain rock formations date from over 550 million years and its pristine beaches are nestled under the cliffs, Langkawi will offer you unforgettable landscapes.

Paddling in Langkawi


You will navigate through the middle of karstic islands overgrown with jungle and in the mangroves where the fauna and flora is typical of lush tropical countries. You will not only see monkeys, but also dolphins, sea lions, and not forgetting the ospreys ...

Snorkelling, swimming, fishing and coconut collecting are also planned.

We offer a 15 day trip, with 8 days sea kayaking.

Accommodation is provided in hotels, with the locals (in fishing villages) and also camping (in hammock) on the beaches.

sea kayak langkawi kedah Malyasia

Price per person: 2000euros
+800 euros for plane ticket

Therefore 2800 Eu all inclusive

Upcoming trips

- from 12/11 to 26/11 2016 -

Langkawi Archipelago - Kedah

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Monkey and Sea Kayak in Langkawi

Afficher Kayak de mer à Langkawi sur la mer d'Andaman sur une carte plus grande

Sea kayak langkaw Asia

Kayak en itinérance en mer d'Andaman


For this trip, we use folding kayaks by Trak kayak and Nautiraid, renowned for their strength, reliability and stability, as well as their large loading capacity.
These kayaks can be transported by air, and we transport them with us from France. This limits the weight of your personal belongings to fifteen pounds and therefore requires us to fly with a company offering a larger baggage allowance such as Emirates, Malaysia Airlines or Etihad Airways. But this is not a problem as it is hot in Langkawi, making it easy to travel light...

Langkawi kedah

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